Dive House Union allows audio and video taping at almost every live performance. Since there is a lot of improvisation each show has it's own character. Taping allows fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any location in the venue that doesn't obstruct the view of others or in areas designated by the venue for taping. Soundboard feeds are rarely available

Dive House Union allows taping, however, some venues do not. If a venue doesn't allow taping there is nothing DHU can do. The venue has final say on taping. If you are planning to tape a show we suggest you contact the venue ahead of time to make sure taping is permitted.

All recordings must be used for personal use or trading only. All audio and video performances belong to Dive House Union and are not available for promotional use without explicit prior written consent. Selling or commercializing any recording is not permitted.