"Dive House Union is perhaps the pre-eminent band among a new generation of blues-based outfits in the region. Fronted by uber-soulful vocalist/guitarist David Michael Miller - and including guitarist Todd Eberwine, drummer Shannon Street, bassist Dave Herr, keyboardist Tom Scime and saxophonist Barry Arborgast - the band's sound is far too diverse and far-reaching to be labeled strictly blues. But the blues is certainly at the core of the DHU funk/soul/R&B/rock mélange.
Early on, the torrid soul-blues tune "Love Ain't So Blind" and the homage to the band's musical forebears, "Son of Many Fathers," combined to tell the DHU story. These guys are serious players who come together as a musical melting pot, blending styles into a soulful, spicy gumbo. A jet-fueled soul-funk take on Bill Withers' "For My Friend" drove this point home, and was peppered with stellar guitar playing from both Eberwine and Miller.
- jmiers@buffnews.com (August 12, 2012)"

"Song of the Day Bill Withers, Let Us Love, The Good ...from The Good Neighborhood - 17:28:05 GMT. Dive House Union's David Miller is one of those musicians, and as such he has chosen Withers' Let Us Love, as the gold star cover he'll perform at Wednesday night's Song School song swap at the Sportsmens Tavern supporting Music is Art. Learn more about Miller in this brief Q&A that includes his selection of this song, and join us at the Sportsmens. "
- Music is Art(Feb 28, 2012)

"A young, dynamic band, Eberwine and crew were up against some stiff competition for the win, but they excited the crowd and the judges with their blues with a twist. Out of nearly 20 regional bands The Todd Eberwine Band emerged victorious, and people who were there know why. This is the first competition the band has ever entered, and Eberwine suggests that even though he has every faith in the band's abilities, he was pleasantly surprised by the win. "Oh we're the blues--but more like the blues on a lot of drugs," Eberwine joked. We're talking steroids and muscle here. "We're very high energy--bordering on rock--and because of that, the win was a huge surprise. Generally, in a blues competition, they're very strict about guidelines for the genre."
- Elena Buscarino, Buffalo Rising Magazine (Jan 07, 2009)

"If you're a fan of blues, you know that there are many who can play but few who can really add to the genre. Todd Eberwine and his band qualify for membership in that small group of players who are helping to evolve the blues. Last Friday they put on one of the best contemporary blues performances I've seen. It was a blend of classic tunes with improvisational styling that drew such a huge crowd that the owners of Goodbar had to ask them to wrap the first set early to give the first crowd time to thin out and make room for the next.Their next show should definitely be on your calendar.
- Zack Schneider, Buffalo Rising Magazine (Feb 20, 2006)